About Us

New England Ammonia Safety Inc, (NEAS) is a rapidly growing new company in the Northeast Region, USA who specializes in compliance, design, and service for the ammonia refrigeration industry. NEAS aims to make a positive impact on the industry by adhering to the highest standards for the success of its customers. The founders of this company bring together over 50+ years of experience making them the experts of Ammonia Refrigeration, EHS and Compliance Program Development.
New England Ammonia Safety was founded on the belief that there was a real need for a thorough, honest and complete compliance contractor in the New England area for the Ammonia and Refrigeration Industry. NEAS prides itself on transparency and attention to detail. We offer all compliancy needs including but not limited to: Gap assessments, charge calculations, relief vent calculations, complete P&ID and labeling, Mechanical Integrity Audits, Vibration analysis, Non-destructive testing and aPSM development and support.
James P. Burke P.E. - President
Phone: +1 (413) 231-2426
Email: james.burke@neas-inc.com
As the president of New England Ammonia Safety, James brings 13 years of engineering experience to New England Ammonia Safety. Working in the highly controlled nuclear power industry for almost 10 years, Jim understands and can help customers deal with strict regulations. As a Professional Engineer in 2 states, you can always count on accurate and professional work.
- MA PE License - Active
- CT PE License – Active
- Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering University of Massachusetts at Amherst
- Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Shane R. O’Connor – Vice President
Phone: +1 (781) 755-0651
Email: shane.oconnor@neas-inc.com
As Vice President of New England Ammonia Safety, Shane brings nearly twenty years of experience with his background in ammonia refrigeration installation, service and commissioning. Having firsthand experience through every aspect of the ammonia refrigeration industry, holding positions from Lead Refrigeration Technician to Project Manager, he has seen what can happen when short cuts are taken and knows the value in doing things correctly and safely. Shane brings a keen eye for pinpointing specifics that may otherwise get overlooked. He has a passion for this industry and the people in it. He knows that the most important thing is getting you and your employees’ home to your families every night. His goal as Vice President is to evaluate and correct as many facilities and educate as many people as possible.
- Massachusetts Refrigeration Contractor
- Unrestricted MA Refrigeration Journeyman
- Unrestricted RI Refrigeration Journeyman
- Universal EPA 608 Certification
- IIAR Member
- RETA Member
Rachel Lindsay O'Connor – Office Administrator / Human Resources
Rachel is a versatile professional excelling as an Office Administrator and Human Resources specialist. With 7 years of experience and a keen eye for organization and efficiency, she effectively manages administrative tasks, streamlines operations, and maintains a productive office environment. Additionally, her expertise in human resources enables her to handle employee relations, recruitment, and policy implementation with tact and professionalism.
Dan Mueller – Mechanical Integrity Specialist
Dan brings 20 years of experience in the industry to include installation and commissioning. He brings a drive for excellence and putting in the extra effort for a job done right.
Aditya M. Ponde - HMI and Software Engineering Intern
Aditya is an innovative HMI and Software Engineering intern with a passion for creating cutting-edge solutions. With expertise in automation, machine learning, and leadership, He thrives in delivering impactful projects that push boundaries and drive technological advancements.
- Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - University of Massachusetts Boston
- Artificial Intelligence Certification: DeepLearning.AI
- 2023 NASA MITTIC Winner